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APFC - LT Panel


 1   Power Factor is the ratio of Active Power to Apparent Power and it is a major component in measuring

       electrical consumption. APFC is an Automatic Power Factor Control Panel which is used to improve the power           factor, whenever required, by switching ON and OFF the required capacitor bank units automatically.

 2   The APFC Controllers are available in Single-Phase Sensing also Single Phase Sensing.

 3   The APFC Panels has two types of switching.

      1. Capacitor Duty Contactor Switching with or without 7% detuned Copper/ Aluminium wound reactor

      2. Thyristor Switching with detuned Copper/ Aluminium wound reactor

 4   The Capacitor banks are Cylindrical/Square type with Heavy-duty Performance in different voltage. The

      capacitor banks are available in APP / MPP types filled with Gas/Air in hermetically sealed containers. It has the        discharging resistors to discharge the high voltage capacitor bank for safety, to reduce high voltage during   

      capacitor switching, to reduce inrush current and also to improve capacitor life.

 5   Type Tested as per IS- 8623 and IEC 61439 –1&2

 6   Operational Voltage - 415 V, AC

 7   Rated Insulation Voltage N- 1000 V, AC

 8   Degree of Protection - IP –42 / IP –54 / IP -55 (Indoor & Outdoor)

 9   Short-circuit rating 50 / 65 kA.

10  Forms Separation - 2a,2b,3a,3b

11  Configuration - Fixed

12  Complies with CEIG & CEA Regulations

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