Cable ducts


1   panel ducting features excellent assembly functionality and ideal for power and control panel

     applications where performance remains unaltered over time, even under the heaviest operating conditions.                   Control panel ducting is available in open, closed and narrow slot configurations.

2   Control panel ducting has obtained NATO Manufacturing Code (A5536) from the Ministry of Defence and is

      listed in the 15-H4 Publication.

3   Control panel ducting is ideal for wiring large-sized cables usually used in control panels - Betaduct Iboco has a               strong construction and maximum application stability.


1   Made of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) of high tensile & compressive strength.

2   Highly durable, will not crack, peel or chip, also resistant to oil, fungus, salt solutions, etc..

3   Non-brittle, noninflammable and also warp proof.

4   Fast & efficient locking guaranteed because of specially designed duct & cover.

5   Slotting patterns prevents the wire from popping up while removing the cover.

6   Elongated slots at the bottom make flexible mounting possible.

7   Special orders regard ing colors, length or modification of existing range can be manufactured as per your Spec