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DG Sync - LT Panel


 1   DG Synchronizing panels are used for synchronizing two or more DGs to share the total load of the system

       by matching all the parameter of the DG sets like the voltage, frequency, speed, phase sequence, and phase               angle.

 2   The DG Synchronizing Panels has Unique Controller to execute the synchronization. The controller executes a lot

      of operations like Auto Mains Failure, DG On/Off, Parallel DG Operation, DG Load Sharing, DG Load                                Management. The Controllers has EB Mains monitoring, DG Protection, Engine Control, Breaker Control and                Power management.

 3   The DG Synchronizing Panel has an arrangement for receiving/distributing power through Power Cable / Bus              Duct.

 4   The DG Synchronizing Panels Can be supplied with Modular design extensible at both sides.

 5   Type Tested as per IS- 8623 and IEC 61439 –1&2

 6   Operational Voltage - 415 V, AC

 7   Rated Insulation Voltage N- 1000 V, AC

 8   Operational Current -Up To 6300 A

 9   Degree of Protection - IP –42 / IP –54 / IP -55 (Indoor & Outdoor)

10  Short-circuit rating 50 / 65 kA.

11  Forms Separation - 4a,4b

12  Configuration - Fixed/Drawout

13  Complies with CEIG & CEA Regulations

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